BAND Album title : Year Track Listing

VILLIERS AND GOLD Villiers And Gold : 1966 ( no track listing ) Of All The Little Girls In The World - single : 1967 ( unsure of credits )

( BRYNDLE : 1970 - album not released by A & M )
SOLO Andrew Gold : 1975 A Note from You Broken Pin Ball Machine [Bonus Track, released 2005] Endless Flight Hang My Picture Straight Heartaches in Heartaches I'm a Gambler I'm Coming Home Love Hurts Resting in Your Arms Sometime When a Man's on His Own [Bonus Track 2005] Ten Years Behind Me That's Why I Love You - with Gene Garfin To Be Someone [Bonus Track 2005] Within A Word [Bonus Track 2005] What's Wrong With This Picture? : 1976 Angel Woman Feel It [Bonus Track 2005] Firefly Go Back Home Again Gorilla Jam - with Botts, Edwards [Bonus Track 2005 ] Hope You Feel Good - with Stephen Ferguson Lonely Boy Must Be Crazy One of Them Is Me Passing Thing All This & Heaven Too : 1978 Always for You Genevieve - with Walsh Looking for My Love Never Let Her Slip Away Oh Urania (Take Me Away) Still You Linger On Thank You for Being a Friend You're Free Whirlwind : 1980 Brand New Face Kiss This One Goodbye Leave Her Alone Little Company Make Up Your Mind Nine to Five Sooner or Later Stranded on the Edge Traffic Jam - with Botts, Garafalo [ Bonus Track 2005] Whirlwind Halloween Howls : 1996 Don't Scream (It's Only Halloween) Gimme a Smile (The Pumpkin Song) Halloween Party In Our Haunted House It Must Be Halloween Spooky Scary Skeletons The Creature from the TVB Trick or Treat Witches, Witches, Witches
WAX UK Common Knowledge : 1984 Shanghai Moon Sometimes First Time in Love - all with Bishop & Graham Gouldman Victoria Don't Break My Heart Let's Have Some Lunch Sometime The King of Showbiz Holiday Big Brother Separate Limos All over You J.B. In Arabia Big Fat Baby Heartbeat to Heartbeat - all with Graham Gouldman WAX UK Magnetic Heaven : 1986 Right Between the Eyes Hear No Evil Shadows of Love Marie Claire Ball and Chain Systematic Breakout Only a Visitor Rise Up Magnetic Heaven - all with Graham Gouldman WAX UK American English : 1987 American English In Some Other World Ready or Not Call It Destiny Bridge To Your Heart Alright Tonight The Promise Heaven in Her Bed Bug in the Machine - all with Graham Gouldman WAX UK A Hundred Thousand In Fresh Notes : 1989 Anchors Aweigh Wherever You Are Railroad To Heaven He Said She Said Spell On You Don't Play That Song Pictures Of Paris Maybe Madeleine Credit Where Credit's Due - all with Graham Gouldman WAX UK Wax Bikini : released 2003 13/4 Thing All Aboard A Single Kiss Billard Theme Bridge to Your Heart Demo Bug on the Cote d'Azur Chinese Backwards Music Coffee Break Dirty Love East Meets West/Laundromat Francesca Macgregor Francesca's Magnetic Moon Ginger's Bakery Ha Ha Went the Clown Intro Lazybones Lone Soldier On the Waterfront People All Over This World Rock My World Slow Down Live Somebody's Waiting Superman Take My Breath Away Please The Last Time I Fell in Love The Lie The Shadows Know The Sixties Time on His Hands You Found Out Welcome To The Neighborhood - all with Graham Gouldman
SOLO Where The Heart Is : 1991 ( unsure of credits ) Where The Heart Is No Place Like Home Making Friends Going Home Pal O Mine Party Hearty I Wonder What's She Like Where Did I Go Right Donīt Give Your Heart The Masters
BRYNDLE Bryndle - The First Album : 1995 ( see 1970 ) Take Me In I Want To Touch You Under The Rainbow Savannah The Lucky One We Walk This Road On The Wind Til The Storm Goes By Mulberry Street Just Can't Walk Away - all with Karla Bonoff, Kenny Edwards & Wendy Waldman Streets Of Your Town - with John Yates
SOLO Since 1951 : 1996 ( unsure of credits ) Can Anybody See You Cyberspace Back On Top The King Of Showbiz First Time In Love Ready To Go Home That Belongs To Me Teardrops The Secret Canīt Get Used To Losing You Babyīs Got A Gun Whatcha Think About That Safe And Sound Leftovers : 1998 Golden Paths of Heaven Guilty I'm in No Condition What a Gentleman Does Love Will Have It's Way - with John Yates The Gospel According to Heart - with John Yates Show Me A Way - with Edwards Tail Lights - with Graham Gouldman A River in Time - with Sue Shifrin Falling Down - with Joe Walsh [Phone Messages] Fake Out; Jaws; Kitties; Latin; Laugh; Mr. Ed; Wax 'Live' Baby; Beeps - with J. Jarvis; Car Phone - with Gary Burr; Dylan - with W. Aldridge; Greatest - with Botts, Edwards Spence Manor Suite : 2000 Are You Out There? - with J. Jarvis Can't Help Forgiving You - with Gary Burr Forever, I Do Hypothetically - with Gary Burr Katie - with M. Mugridge Love Made Me Do It - with P.P. Pennington Making up Again - with R. Malo Never Hold a Candle to Love - with S. Wilkenson Nowhere Now - with Gary Burr Over My Head - with John Yates Sorry to Let You Down - with Gary Burr That's How I'll Remember You - with B. Regan The Hurtin' Kind - with G. Teren Wind Beneath My Tyres - with D. Malloy Intermission : 2002 A Little Mercy Ain't It Just - with John Yates Big Fat Daddy Crawl into the Light (9/11) - with K. Edwards & W. Waldman Don't Talk About Forever - with S. Lorber & G. Prestopino Drama Queen - with L. Carrie Driven to Extremes - with W. Aldridge Good Luck Hannah Highwire - with L. Drew It Happened to Me - with Gary Burr Sure Got Quiet in Here - with T. Shuyler The Night Show - with Gary Burr
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