Jack Bruce / Pete Brown songs post Cream

Songs For A Tailor - 1969
Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune
Theme From An Imaginary Western
Tickets To Waterfalls
Weird of Hermiston
Rope Ladder To The Moon
The Ministry Of Bag
He The Richmond
Boston Ball Game
To Isengard
The Clearout

Harmony Row - 1971
Can You Follow ?
Escape To The Royal Wood
You Burnt The Tables On Me
There's A Forest
Smiles And Grins
A Letter Of Thanks
Victoria Sage
The Consul At Sunset
Morning Story

Out The Storm - 1974
Pieces Of Mind
Golden Days
Running Through Our Hands ( with Janet Godfrey ) 
Keep On Wondering
Keep It Down
Into The Storm

How's Tricks ? - 1977
Without A Word
How's Tricks ?

I've Always Wanted To Do This  - 1980
Hit And Run
Dancing On Air
Mickey The Fiddler
Truce - 1982 
Thin Ice
Fat Gut
Shadows Touching
Last Train Two The Stars ( with Robin Trower )

Somethin' Els - 1993 
Waiting On A Word
Ships In The Night
Peaces Of The East
G B Dawn Blues
Childsong ( with Tony Hymes ) 

Monkjack - 1995
Time Repairs
Laughing On Music Street
Folk Song

Shadows In The Air - 2001
Out Into The Fields ( with Corky Laing & Leslie West ) 
Heart Quake
Boston Ball Game 1967

Jet Set Jewel  - 2003 
Jet Set Jewel
The Best Is Still To Come

More Jack Than God - 2003
Follow The Fire
Kelly's Blues
The Night That Once Was Mine
Cold Island
Compiled by P.J. Youd, March 2006.
No guarantee given of accuracy or completeness.
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