with - co-writer(s) - { main recording artist } "associated film/movie" and year of release ( where known )

A World Of Our Own - Bernard Jackson - "Return To The Blue Lagoon" 1991
Absolutely Green { Dom DeLuise and St. Patrick's Cathedral Choir } 1994
After Goodbye
Ain't No Way To Go Home
All Dogs Go To Heaven - Mark Watters - "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" 1996
All My Children
All You Need Is A Woman
Almost Gone
Amy { Paul Petersen } 1963
And I Said "Goodbye Girl"
Angel Angel Down We Go
Angelique - Georges Poubennec -
Another Goodbye - Scott English -
As Long As We Keep Believing - Paul Anka -
Baby Come And Get It - James Ingram - { The Pointer Sisters } 1985
Beautiful World
Before I Loved Her
Bend With Me
Best That I Know How
Black Butterfly { Deniece Williams } 1984
Black California
Blame It On The Bossa Nova { Eydie Gorme } 1963
Bless You { Tony Orlando } 1961
Born To Be Together - Phil Spector -
Bossa Nova - Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller -
Brown Eyed Woman { Bill Medley } 1968
Cabin Fever - "Muppet Treasure Island" 1996
Celebrate America
Celebrate Yourself
Chico's Girl
Christmas Vacation
Cindy's Gonna Cry
Close To Heaven
Closer Than Close
Come Easy
Come Home, Baby
Come On Over To My Place { The Drifters } 1965
Comin' Apart - Gary Wright -
Corazon - Garea Martin -
Count Me Out - "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" 1996
Crazy Ladies
Crimes Of Passion
Crook And Chase - Mark Watters -
Dancin' Doll
Dancin' In The Aisles - Barry Manilow -
Dangerous Times - Isaac, Jordan & Zachary Hanson -
Do It For Love
Don't Be Afraid Little Darlin'
Don't Blame The Bossa Nova { Jackie Mason } 1963
Don't Cry Donna
Don't Give Up On Me
Don't Know Much - Thomas Snow - 1980 { Linda Rondstadt & Aaron Neville } 1989
Don't Make My Baby Blue { Frankie Laine } 1963
Don't Play Number Nine
Down Home Country Boy
Duo - James Horner
Easy Street
Erik Estrada
Even If I Wanted To
Every Birth
Farmer's Daughter
Fat Song
Fifty Two Percent
Find Another Fool
Fourteen Or Fight
Friends Like Us
From This Day On
Get Ready - James Ingram -
Girl Has To Know
Girl It's Alright Now
Girl Who Sang The Blues
Give It Love { Miss Linda George } 1974
Glitter And Gold
Good Friends
Good News
Good Time Living
Good, Good Lovin'
Goodbye Girl
Goodbye, Good Luck & God Bless - Mike Anthony -
Gospel Truth - Mike Anthony -
Graduation Time
Handsome Dudes
Hang On Fred
Hang Ups { Bobby Hatfield } 1968
Hard Way To Go
Hear The Angels Cry Heart ( I Hear You Beating ) { Wayne Newton } 1963
Heart To Heart { Errol Sober } 1979
Hello Happiness - Gerry Goffin -
Here You Come Again { Dolly Parton } 1977
Here's To The Losers
He's Sure The Boy I Love { The Crystals } 1963
Hey, Hey, Hey And A Hi Ho
Hey There, Beautiful
High Ground
Hippie Lullaby
Hold On To My Love - Gerard Sayer -
Holiday Inn Theme
Holy Rolling
Home And Family - Robert Folk -
Home Of The Brave
How Can I Tell Her It's Over
How Many Times
How'd You Get Me This Way
Hungry { Paul Revere And The Raiders } 1966
I Could Have Loved You Better
I Do, I Do, I Do { The McGuire Sisters } 1961
I Do Nothin' For You
I Don't Wanna Love You
I Gave You My Love { Jackie Mason } 1963
I Get Off On You
I Just Can't Help Believing { B.J. Thomas } 1968 { Elvis Presley }
I Never Know When To Leave
I Really Want To Know You { The Partridge Family } 1970
I Wanna Do It All
I Wanna Thank Your Folks
I Want You To Meet My Baby
I Will Always Be With You - "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" 1996
I Will Come To You - Clarke, Jordan & Zachary Hanson - { Hanson } 1997
I'd Be So Good For You
I'd Do It Over Again
If A Woman Answers { Leroy Van Dyke } 1962
If I Left It Up To You - Tom Snow -
If Only You Knew - Walter Afanasieff -
If It's Love You're After
If This Ain't Happiness
If You're A Fool
I'll Take You Home
I'm A Man
I'm A Survivor
I'm Gonna Be Strong { Gene Pitney } 1964
I'm Gonna Know
I'm Gonna Love You
I'm No Good At Goodbyes
I'm On The Road
I'm Only Human
I'm Satisfied - Ernie Freeman -
In My Own Way
In The Park
In This Life
In Too Deep - Stacy Ferguson, Stephani Ridel, Renee Sandstrom -
It Feels So Good To Be Bad - "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" 1996
It Was Time
It's A Happening World
It's Alright Now
It's Geting Better { Mama Cass Elliott } 1969
It's Gonna Be Fine
It's Not Easy
It's Still You - Jo Shapiro -
It's Too Heavenly Here - "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" 1996
It's Your Night - James Ingram -
Jesse, September 9, 1945
Johnny Is For Loving
Johnny Loves Me
Just A Little Lovin' { Dusty Springfield } 1969
Just Ask Me To
Just For You Baby - Phil Spector - { The Shillings } 1966 Just Once { James Ingram & Quincy Jones } 1980
Keep On Dancing
Kicks { Paul Revere And The Raiders } 1966
La Casa Del Bravo
Lady Lady
Last Blues Song
Last Of The Good Old Days
Last Time I Made Love - Jeff Barry -
Late At Night
Lay Down Your Sorrows
Leave A Light In Your Window
Let Me Love You Just A Little
Le Me Be The One { Peaches & Herb } 1969
Let Me Stay With You
Let Me Walk With You
Let The Children Sing The Song
Let The Good Times In
Let's Give A Little More This Time
Let's Have Fun
Let's Leave The Lights On
Lettin' Good Time Get Away
Like I Don't Love You
Like The First Time
Listen To The Music
Little Friend
Little Miss U.S.A.
Livin' It Up
Lonely Mixed Up Girl { The Charaydes } 1966
Long Way To Go
Look At Us { John Pizzarelli } 1994
Lookin' For A Lady
Looking At Tomorrow
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love { Gene Pitney } 1965
Lord If You're A Woman
Lost In The Night - Hans Zimmer -
Love Doesn't Ask Why - Philip Galdston - { Celine Dion } 1993
Love Him
Love Is Only Sleeping
Love Led Us Here - "Muppet Treasure Island" { John Berry, Helen Darling } 1996
Love Lives On - Bruce Broughton, Will Jennings - { NYC Gay Men's Chorus } 1991
Love Power - "Muppet Treasure Island" { Ziggy Marley, Melody Makers } 1996
Love To Be Your Man
Love Who You Love
Magic Town { The Vogues } 1966
Make The Man Love Me
Make Your Own Kind Of Music { Mama Cass Elliott } 1969
Mary's Little Lamb
Mine Till Monday
Miracle Maker
Miss Prim's Theme - Mike Anthony - { Miss Prim & The Classroom Kids } 1963
Mother Lover
Mr.Jones, I Love Your Daughter - Gerry Goffin - { Steve Rossi } 1962
Much More Than You Know - John Parker -
Muppet Treasure Island Sing-Along "Muppet Treasure Island" 1996
Musique Angelica - Jose Pater -
My Dad { Paul Petersen } 1963
My Ex-Best Friend
My Favorite Dream
My Little Girl
My Rock And My Rollin' Friends
Never Say Never - James Horner -
New World Coming { Mama Cass Elliott } 1970
No Way I'm Losing You
Nobody But You
Nobody Told Me
Nobody's Fool
None Of Us Are Free - Brenda Russell - { Ray Charles } 1993
Not You
Nothing Good Comes Easy
Now There's Only Me
Oh, Susie, Forgive Me
On Broadway - Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller - { The Crystals } { The Drifters } 1962
On Easy Street - "All Dogs Go To Heaven 2" 1996
One Good Love Deserves Another
Only In America - Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller - { Jay And The Americans } 1963
Oowee Baby
Our Song
Paintin' The Town With Teardrops
Peace, Brother, Peace
People Like You
Play It One More Time
Poor Guy
Princess And The Punk
Professional Pirate - "Muppet Treasure Island" 1996
Promised Land
Pure Emotion
Reach For The Light - James Horner -
Read My Lips
Remember Me Baby { The Earls } 1965
Remembering Last Summer
Right Here And Now
Rock & Roll Lullaby { BJ Thomas } 1972
Sailing For Adventure - "Muppet Treasure Island" 1996
Sally Leroy
Sally Played The Tambourine
Saturday Night At The Movies { The Drifters } 1964
Saving Grace
Say It With Your Body - John Bettis -
See That Girl
Set 'Em Up Pop
Sex Roulette - James Ingram -
Shades Of Gray
She Is Today
She's Just Another Girl { Anthony Newley } 1963
She's Over Me
Shiver My Timbers - "Muppet Treasure Island" 1996
Show 'Em
Sigma Alpha Lonely
Sleepy Head
Slow Motion
So Good For Each Other
So Ho
So Long Dixie
Something Better - "Muppet Treasure Island" 1996
Somewhere Out There - James Horner - "An American Tail" { Linda Rondstadt & James Ingram } 1986
Song For Roseanne
Stand Up For Love - Michael Bolton -
Stand Up To The Night
Sturgis Don't You Dare Cry
Sure Thing
Surviving The Times
Susie Forgive Me
Sweet Cherry Wine
Sweet Sorrow
Sweet Survivor - Peter Yarrow -
Take Me To Your Lover
Take Your Love
Taking Back The Streets
Taking The Long Way Home
Talk To Me Baby
Teen Age Has Been - Gerry Goffin -
Telephone Won't You Ring
Tellement Jolies - Jacques Monty -
That's The Boy
The Coldest Night Of The Year
The Shape Of Things To Come { Max Frost & The Troopers } 1968
The Singer ( Miss Linda George } 1974
The Toddle { Miss Prim & The Classroom Kids } 1963
The Woman In Love With You
There Are No Cats In America
There's No Holding You
This Is A Love Song
This Time We'll Know Him
Three To Six Months
To Live My Life Again
Toddle - Mike Anthony
Together Again
Too Many Mondays
Trust - Philip Galdston -
Truth Is Truth
Tutti Frutti Jump - Hassan Shabazz, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller -
Up Against A Wall
Up From The Streets
Uptown { The Crystals } 1962
Use Me - James Ingram -
Walking In The Rain - Phil Spector - { The Ronettes } 1964
Waltzing - Robert Folk, Norman Gimbel -
Was It Good For You
We Can Call It Home
We Don't Have The Right - Joshua Kadison -
We Got A Long way To Go
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place { The Animals } 1965
We Gotta Sing
We Meet David - Mark Watters -
Wedding Bells
We're Close Enough
We're Dangerous - James Ingram -
We're Going All The Way { Jeffrey Osborne & Joyce Kennedy }
We're Not Over Yet - Wendy Waldman -
We're Over { Johnny Rodriguez } 1974
Whatever It Takes
Whatever You Imagine - James Horner -
When Snowflakes Fall In The Night
When This War Is Over
Where Do I Go From Here?
Where Have You Been ( All My Life ) ? { Arthur Alexander } 1962
Where Is She ?
Where You Gonna Run To, Girl
Wherever This Road Goes
Who Needs It
Why Do We Have To Wait So Long
Why Don't We Call It Love
Winter Won't Come This Year
Woman So Beautiful
Wrong Road To Bethlehem
You Been A Long Time Coming
You Can't Compare To My Baby
You Can't Keep A Good Love Down
You Come To Mind
You Know I Would
You Need Me
You Turn Me Around
You Baby { The Ronettes }
Your Little Boy's Come Home
You're A Drag
You're Gonna Love Me
( You're My ) Soul And Inspiration { The Righteous Brothers } 1966
You're Still Turning Me On
You're The Only One - Scott English -
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling - Phil Spector - { The Righteous Brothers } 1965

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