Many people don't realise that Benny and Bjorn wrote all of the hits for the most successful pop band of the 1970's, and one of the most successful of all time, namely ABBA. ( Benny wrote the music and Bjorn the lyrics. )
I rather like this anagram of Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad....
...........Really just an aged and very bland Euro sing-song band, fans ? Fans think not !
Even though the anagram teases them rather unfairly for their Eurovision beginnings, most fair-minded judges would now concede that ABBA developed into a classic pop band - much more than just a product for the T.V. age - boy meets girl for M.O.R family singalong, with a dollop of sex appeal ........ ABBA had real class - a class which came mainly from the songwriting of Benny and Bjorn.

Many of the songs are no more than pleasant easy listening, but a few stand out because they possess that hard-to-define something extra...... for example, Thank You For The Music from 1977 is innocent and joyous without being corny, and The Day Before You Came from 1982, has a palpable melancholy.
Sometimes, listening to the music of ABBA is like biting into a sugar-coated milk chocolate, only to find in the centre there is a teardrop. This is where Benny & Bjorn verge on genius - their ability to express sorrow within a pop confection. Three songs exhibit this - S.O.S. , released in 1975, is a great pop song, despite it's weak middle section, The Winner Takes It All , the well-documented expression of Bjorn and Agnetha's break-up, and the bittersweet 1981 single One Of Us. Dare I say it - these songs occasionally move me close to tears.

I wouldn't wish to underplay the role of Anni-Frid and Agnetha in the group's phenomenal success, however... both were singers of world class. They were, nevertheless, primarily two beautiful marionettes dancing to the boy's tunes.

One could almost say in summing up that Benny & Bjorn, outwardly a rather ordinary pair of Swedes, have proven beyond doubt that Europop has a soul, and, using only the basic ingredients of the popular song, have produced something quite magical.