Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb

The songwriting career of the Gibb brothers seems to fall into three distinct phases, the first being a string of successful if uninspiring pop numbers in the late 1960's, followed by a non-creative lull characterised by break-ups, reformations and solo albums which brought only couple of minor chart successes, and finally, after they ended their contract with the Robert Stigwood organisation in 1972, their most creative funk-and-falsetto "disco" period, during which they achieved their biggest triumph in the shape of the soundtrack to the 1977 smash hit movie SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, and went on from that to write hit songs for major artists such as Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick and Diana Ross.
From a personal point of view I can take or leave most of their output, but I have to admit that one or two of the songs from their later period are quite special. In particular How Deep Is Your Love is beautifully constructed, and Dionne Warkwick's Heartbreaker , although far more straightforward, contains moments which put it almost on a par with some of the songs that Bacharach and David wrote for the same singer.