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Welcome to Shrout's History Of Popular Music....

Music has been around almost as long as mankind. The same cannot really be said of popular music, which, strictly speaking, is product of the coming together of music and commerce, which began to take place less than two hundred years ago. It has been argued that the troubadours of 12th century Provence were first world's first popular musicians, but this is really stretching the definition to it's absolute limits.
This history attempts to take the reader on a journey from popular music's earliest manifestations right through to the modern day, linking to pages which place styles, artists and songwriters within the contexts of time and place. It is written in the assumption that the reader has little or no prior knowlege of the subject, and with the hope that newcomers will come away with some understanding of how musical styles evolve over time in response to social, political, economic and technological change. Possibly the expert in the field may also find some value in my telling of the story.
Emphasis has been placed on the popular music of the English-speaking world, particularly that of Great Britain and America, due to the fact that, until fairly recently at least, the story of commercial popular music has been largely centred on this area. It also avoids the necessity for comment on or assessment of music which is outside the author's sphere of knowledge.

If any obvious factual errors or omissions come to light, or you would simply like to make a comment or a criticism, please feel free to e-mail me.

Enjoy the journey.