Best known songs.....

Don't Be Cruel (1956) [5]
Fever ( credited as "John Davenport" ) (1956) [1]
All Shook Up
(1957) [5]
Great Balls Of Fire (1957) [2]
Breathless (1958)
Handy Man (1959) [4]
Hey Little Girl (1959)
Return To Sender (1962) [3]
One Broken Heart For Sale (1962) [3]

Co-writers / lyricists :
[1]Eddie Cooley
[2]Jack Hammer
[3]Winfield Scott
[4]Jimmy Jones & Charles Merenstein
[5]Elvis Presley

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Unsung songwriter behind classic numbers recorded by Peggy Lee, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. Goldy Goldmark of Shalimar Publishing once said to him "You can write about anything. Write about this!" And he shook a bottle of soda. Blackwell went home and wrote "All Shook Up"

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