R.N. Shrout, author of several books on hypnosis, including Self Improvement Through Self-Hypnosis , published in 1985, and Modern Scientific Hypnosis, published in 1986.

Bill Shrout, author of From Mud Pies And Lilac Leaves, published in 1997, and After The Mud: Stories Of The U.S.Navy and World War II, 2000.

Ryan Shrout, musician with Christian alternative rock band Kutless from 2000 to 2007, contributing to four albums - Kutless in 2002, Sea Of Faces in 2004, Strong Tower in 2005 and Hearts of the Innocent in 2006.

Many thanks to Cyndee Shrout from Indiana for providing the following background information on the Shrout clan :-
"I'm not sure of the genealogical line for R.N. Shrout but I do know that my fore-father, Johann Peter Shrout, came to America on the ship Two Brothers in 1752. That ship left port in Rotterdam and stopped in Cowes, England before the last leg of the trip to America. Johann Peter Shrout was from Darmstadt, Germany."

Thanks also to Greg Shrout from Iowa, who emailed to say "While I was in Germany during a military tour, I picked up a German name lexicon. There is no Shrout listed. However, there are other names similar, e.g., Schraut, Schrott. I'm lead to believe that the name was "Anglicized" during the migrations to England and America."

If you know of any more Shrouts who you think merit inclusion in this list, or have any background historical information which may be of interest to Shrouts worldwide please email me. You may also wish to join the discussion at the Shrout Family Genealogy Forum

Many thanks. PJ.